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We are committed to manufacture some of the finest, high-performance chemical, raw materials for leading industrial and consumer brands.

Additive components are used in lubricant formulations to improve the base oil performance and protect the lubricant and lubricated parts from destructive processes.

Additive packages are used in formulating various grades of automotive and industrial lubricants. Use the best quality Additives to formulate your lubricants.

We can offer you various base stocks from different API base oil categories such as Group I, II, III, IV (polyalphaolefins with various viscosities), PIBs, Esters, etc.


We make sure about our premium quality and services.

Zetech Solutions is an international manufacturer and supplier of high-quality lubricant additive packages, additive components, base stocks, and specialty lubricants. We supply a complete range of lubricant additives to develop car engine oils, heavy-duty diesel engine oils, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids(ATF) and a huge variety of other additive packages and components that can be used in the formulation of lubricants for industries.

Zetech Solutions offers a wide range of Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs), Viscosity Modifiers (VMs),  and other components such as TBN boosters, Pour Point Depressants (PPD), dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, rust preventives that helps the lubricants manufacturers to formulate to meet the ultimate international standards. We also supply coolants, antifreeze, high-quality heat transfer fluids, and brake fluids.


Zetech Solutions is one of the best growing companies in Canada. The rich psychology of our organization is to provide the best solution to meet expectations of modern technology.

We use our formulation, engineering and marketing expertise to help our customers develop and market fuels and lubricants that reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, extend equipment life, improve operator satisfaction and lower the total cost of vehicle and equipment operation.

Our range of technology solutions includes Driveline, Engine Oils, Performance and Refinery Fuels, and Industrial additives.